The Physical Therapy Department is committed in providing utmost quality physical therapy services through competent and highly qualified staff in rendering state of the art facilities and equipments, compassionate care and cost effective treatment to our valued patients. Thus, helping them achieve their highest physiologic potential and functional level.


The Physical Therapy Department envisioned being the center of excellence in physical therapy services throughout the region by continuing its commitment in providing the highest quality programs.


Quality Healthcare, Patient Satisfaction, Continuous Professional Education, Loyalty, Respect and Trust

Scope of Service

The Physical Therapy Department of Almana General Hospital – Alkhobar offers a wide spectrum of services dedicated to managing various disabilities and assisting patient to reach their maximum functional outcome. The department is structured and staffed with competent Head of the Department, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Technicians and Aides, Receptionist and Helpers. Our multinational Physical Therapist are uniquely qualified and have had years of training and experience with licenses from their country of origin and from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. Thereby helping people of any age live healthier, decrease the risk of injury or disease, and regain their lives after being impaired or disabled by injury or disease. Wide array of physical therapy services caters the in-patient and out-patient care for various orthopedic cases including post operative; pediatrics, medical, surgical, neurologic, obstetrics and gynecologic cases. Treatment regimens are individualized depending on the patient condition. Plan of care are tailored according to its needs, thus helping patients return to their previous level of physical functioning. They are known for their single-minded commitment to achieve the best possible result for each patient.

Clinical services being routinely catered by our multinational staffing includes the following:

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitations
  • Neurologic Rehabilitations
  • Pediatric Rehabilitations
  • Medical and Surgical Rehabilitations
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitations
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Rehabilitations
  • Cardiothoracic Rehabilitations
  • Spinal Rehabilitation
  • Adult and Pediatric Long Term Care
  • Manual Therapy (Manual Spinal Manipulation and Mobilization and Traction, McKenzie Manipulation)
  • Electrotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Ambulation Training

The department is equipped with well-maintained Physical Therapy modalities such as:

  • MLS Robotic Laser
  • Magneto Therapy
  • Diathermy (Shortwave)
  • Therapeutic Microwave
  • Continuous Passive Motion Machine (Knee, Shoulder and Elbow)
  • Varied Electrotherapy Modalities
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Intermittent Compression Units
  • Intermittent Traction Machine (Cervical and Lumbar)
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Functional Therapeutic Gym
  • Tilt Table
  • Ankle Weights, Dumbbells, Vestibular Balls

The Physical Therapy Department

Working Time:                 From 8:00am to 8:00pm

From Saturday to Thursday With 8-hour on call duty during Fridays and all official holidays

Contact Numbers:          Reception Ext. 4321, 4320

                                            Staff Room 5025

                                            Female Section 5002

                                            Head of the Department Office Ext. 4321



Our Laboratories service in AGH is one of the best and most comprehensive in the eastern region, we are offering a wide range of diagnostic and clinical support services to all patients, which help the doctors for safe diagnostic and treat illness. Each Laboratory is provided with best available analytical instrumentation. All our consultants, specialist and technicians provide analytical, interpretative and advisory services across all our Laboratories in AGH in Khobar, Dammam, Jubail and Hofuf.


To offer and provide a wide variety of laboratory services performed by a qualified staff using  modern technology combined with the tradition of caring and compassion. This is to assist physicians in diagnosing, establishing a prognosis and  detecting disease


To be a Referral Central Lab,  distinguished by its qualified staff, modern technology,   and affiliated with the  international health care standards.


AGH-Khobar Laboratories are dedicated to provide a highly quality of health care service that exceeds expectation  and in response to patients need regardless of race, gender, disability or nationality, considering the following:


To offer the most reliable Laboratory Services, through an effective monitoring system, identifying and correcting errors and deviations, to assist physician to make the correct diagnosis and management.

-Patient Rights:

To recognize patient’s rights; good treat, respecting privacy and confidentiality regarding any data related to his/her condition.

-Clinical Competence

Laboratory Staff has the skills, qualification and experience ensuring the optimal quality of services with ethical basis.

-Financial Effectiveness

The optimal utilization of resources through careful planning, priorities identification and cost control to ensure realistic health expenditures within concept of health economy.

-Safety Environment

Safe, effective and smooth services that fulfill patient, visitors and Laboratory staff needs and expectations through strict regulation to prevent hazards.


Our goal is to deliver consistently high levels of laboratory services and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our patients and customers.


AGH Laboratory is enriched with high qualified consultant Pathologist, specialist and technicians to provide high quality of services based on scientific experience and skills.


AGH Laboratory provides a wide variety of Laboratory investigations that meet the patient needs including but not limited to:


Where blood cells and its components are counted, examined and coagulation profile are done. 

Main Available Investigations:                                         

1). Complete Blood Count

2). Peripheral blood morphology                          

3). Coagulation Profile                               

4). Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy

5). Hemoglobin Variant Study and Thalassemia Screening


To provide our patient with requirement for blood products.Donor screening and specific antigen-antibody identification of blood components.

Main Available Investigations:                             

1). Blood grouping (ABO/Rh)                                           

2). Donor screening- include 18 different test to assure safe blood transfusion                            

3). Crossmatching                                                  

4). Phenotyping      

5). Antibody screening & identification


Nucleic acid test (NAT): multiple PCR system as part of Donor screening for HCV, HIV, HBV to assure safe blood transfusion for patients.


Blood and other body fluids are examined through chemical analysis.

Main Available Investigation:                                           

1). Blood glucose monitoring & HBA1c

2). Lipid Profile

3). Renal Function test

4). Liver Function Test

5). Cardiac Disease Markers

6). Body Fluid Chemistry

7). Thyroid Function Test

8). HBA1c (HPLC)

9). Drug Screening


Body fluids and semen analysis is microscopically examined, study of blood and urine, stool parasitology.

Main Available Investigation:                               

1). Urine & stool analysis                                                  

2). Occult Blood                                                                   

3). CSF & body fluids microscopic examinations

4). Semen analysis.

5). Tissue &Blood Parasites

6). Stool & urine parasites

7). Malaria Investigations


Performed investigations that based mainly on Ag-Ab reaction.

Main Available Investigation:                                                       

1). Reproductive Hormones                                  

2). Infectious Diseases, HIV, HTLV, Syphilis, Hepatitis           


4) Tumor markers.    

5). Bone markers

6). Electrophoresis (protein)

7) Vitamins     

8). Serological Test

9). Immunology markers (Auto Immune Disorders)


To provide rapid result in treating Physician for patient management in critical area.

1). Blood Gas, Electrolytes

2). Glucose blood test

3). Coagulation profile

4). Cardiac Markers


The Microbiology test includes bacteriology analysis, antibiotic susceptibility testing, mycology, virology, molecular microbiology & mycobacteriology

Main Available test:                                                

1) Blood & body fluids culture

2) Genital/) Wound, superficial & deep seated abscess Swab culture

3) Mycobacteria & fungi detection

4) Rota or Adeno virus investigations

5) Helicobacter pylori antigen from stool

6) Widal test& Brucella Test

7) Cryptococcus antigen test from CSF & blood

8) Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification for C. difficile

9) Quantiferon TB gold test from blood

10) Legionella urinary antigen test


The Anatomic Pathology Laboratory is responsible for processing all tissues samples obtained at surgery, outpatient clinics including Dental, Endoscopy Units, and Radiology in this hospital.

Anatomic Pathology (AP) Laboratory specialty services include:

1). Histopathologic services

2). Frozen section (Intraoperative Consultation)

3). Fine needle aspiration cytology services with ultrasound guidance, if required

4). Gynecological and non-gynecological cytology services

5). Immunohistochemistry

6). Special stains

7). Liquid-based Pap smear


For any Laboratory test that is not available at AGH-Laboratory can be referred to external referral Laboratories Germany, USA or France that has a known accreditation and follow the international standards of quality assurance.

The AGH Laboratory adopted the New Born Screening program for detection of early metabolism disorder.


AGH Laboratories have an internal and external Quality Control Program to ensure accuracy, reliability and reproduction of assays.

AGH Laboratory has participated since 2015 in CAP “College of American Pathologist” proficiency testing program to assure quality of test performed and as a step towards the CAP accreditation.


AGH Khobar laboratory services are offered at the following area :

In-patient: 24hrs/day, 7 days/week

Out-Patient: (8am-8pm) except weekends and holidays.