1949 -

Shiekh Mohammed Abdullah Almana founded the first private medical center in the Saudi Arabia, initially providing Dental and Ophthalmic services.

1956 -

Saudi Aramco becomes the first corporate client.

1960 -

Converted Eye Clinics to an Eye Hospital.

1963 -

Almana Eye & Dental Hospital was established, heralding the first Saudi-owned and operative private hospital of Saudi Arabia.

1979 -

Completion of main hospital building at Al-Khobar. Expansion includes all medical and surgical specialties.

1980 -

New Almana Dental Center opens in Al-Khobar.

1987 -

New inpatient building opens at Al-Khobar Hospital.

1988 -

First Dental Laser services are introduced in the region.

1989 -

First CT scan of the Eastern Province was mounted in Almana General Hospital.

1990 -

Dammam Hospital is acquired by AGH.

1991 -

First Vitro Fertilization Unit of the Eastern Province was inaugurated in Almana General Hospital Dammam.

1993 -

Excimer Laser eye treatment introduced.

1995 -

First MRI of the Eastern Province was introduced in Almana General Hospital.

1995 -

Continuous expansion of AGH adds a new outpatient building in Al-Khobar Almana Hospital.

1996 -

To serve people of Jubail, new Almana General Hospital Jubail was inaugurated.

1996 -

First private medical training center Almana Training Center (ATC) was lunched.

1996 -

Geriatric Unit was opened.

1996 -

Wellness Clinic, Weight Control Center and Speech Therapy Clinic initiated.

1998 -

Introducing for the first time in the Eastern Provence laser treatment for dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

1999 -

Dammam Second Industrial City Dispensary opens.

2000 -

Almana General Hospital extended to Al-Hafof. Opening of new General Hospital toke place in the city of Hofuf.

2003 -

Nuclear Medicine was introduced in Radiology department.

2012 -

Opening of Almana CosmoDerma Center in Dammam.

2012 -

Opening of Almana Medical Center in Jubail Industrial city.

2012 -

Extension of PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) in AGH-Khobar.

2012 -

First MRI (Philips INGENIA) to be installed in Middle East at Almana General Hospital – Dammam.

2013 -

Opening of new Cath. Lab in AGH-Khobar.

2013 -

Opening of new Hemodialysis Department in AGH-Khobar.

2015 -

Opening of Almana Medical Tower in Khobar city.

2015 -

Opening of VIP suites in AGH-Khobar.

2016 -

Opening of Bariatric Centre in AGH-Khobar.

2016 -

Opening of  Care Centre in AGH-Kobar.