Important Instructions for Emergency Department

The emergency department at Almana General Hospitals asks all of you to follow the instructions for the safety of all.

With our knowledge and awareness of your pain or the pain of a family member our emergency doctors are doing their best to deal with all situations. They are happy to serve everyone with no exceptions. However, it is not possible to evaluate all the cases presented to us at once either technically or systematically. Also, the presence of doctors in their rooms does not mean that the section does not work, all doctors, nurses and administrators work around the clock for the comfort and safety of everyone.

1. As soon as you register in the department, we ask you to wait until you are invited to the triage room where we will evaluate your case within 10 minutes.
2. After entering the triage room, the nurse will inform you of the priority of your case and how long you are expected to wait to see the Doctor.
3. If you feel that your condition is getting worse in the waiting room, please inform your nurse to take the necessary action.
4. The priority of the examination by the doctor according to international standards is the following:

Blue color cases of multiple accident injuries, respiratory arrest and blood circulation stop and those cases are treated immediately.
Red color Cases of suspected cardiac arrest, massive hemorrhage, hypotension, dyspnea, stroke and these cases are treated within 10 minutes of arrival.
Yellow color It includes cases of severe abdominal pain, fever or bone fracture and these cases are treated within 30 minutes of arrival.
Green color It includes Semi-chronic complaints such as simple pulmonary embolism, cases of anaphylaxis, high blood pressure or hypertension these cases are treated within one hour of arrival.
White color These are simple cases that can be treated in outpatient clinics. Because they are non-emergency cases; these cases are treated within 2 hour of arrival.

5. For your safety and the safety of others not everyone is allowed to enter the department, only the people who needs to. 6. No more than one accompany is allowed in each patient
7. Mobile is not allowed in the department.
8. Taking pictures is not allowed in the department.
9. For all the accompany, please stay with the patients in your room.
10. Respect of the privacy of the rest of the patients.