Tele Consultation Terms and Condition:

1. Patient has to have a valid and accessible e mail address.
2. The email is the main communication channel in this service.
3. He has to check this e mail to have the update steps of the service.
4. The patient has to provide the correct details and information otherwise he is responsible for any consequence.
5. He has to pay during 2 hours since sending the payment tool otherwise his appointment will be canceled. 6. He is eligible to cancel and refund the payment only 24 hours before the session (please check this condition is aligned with legal).
7. If the patient didn’t show up in the appointment that mean he cancel the appointment from his side he is no eligible to refund the payment.
8. The appointment session duration is 15 minute from the appointment start time.
9. If there is disconnection during the appointment he can reconnect again as long as he in the same session.
10. All the appointment session are recorded video and audio.
11. If the patient face anything and need to complaint he eligible to submit his complaint 24 hours only after ending the appointment session.
12. If there is medicine prescribed it will be delivered charges might be.
13. In case lab or radiology examination he should visit the hospital.
14. In case the insurance company reject the claims the patient committed to pay by it cash.
15. The patient is entitled to follow as per the normal process