Almana Centre for Wellness Fitness and Nutrition

Almana centre for weight control has become the modern and the developed place which the women are looking for.  With our professionals trainers, we dedicated to you” Madam” our sports, fitness department and nutrition education, which will encourage you to exercise effectively and comfortably by using the latest machines, as well as the swimming pool, which offers swimming lessons at the hands of the female trainers with extensive experience. We offer the highest level of service in the center to get our customers to the satisfaction and the contentment they want.

Sports and Nutrition

Do you want to reach the ideal weight? Do you want to change your life? Almana center for physical therapy and weight control you will help you to achieve your goals and your wishes.
Almana center for physical therapy and weight control offers large number of classes for fun and exercise.

Water Sports

Pleaser in terms of impact of the water and support for the body, and increase the resistance to the movement of the body with the natural atmosphere to relax in order to stimulate blood circulation and tighten, strengthen and relax the muscles.

Energizing Workout

The exercises are (Aerobic & Zumba) graded, multilevel and immediate style to burn fat and calories, and tighten flabby areas in the body and make it consistent. They also help calm nerves and increase the flexibility of the body as well as to relax and strengthen the heart.

Devices and Machines

It is called the individual sports, in addition to exercise activities, there is a private lounge designed for (sports devices- running - antenna bike), and the centre trainers can provide you with advice to achieve your goals.

Yoga Exercises

The word Yoga means the union of body and mind. The yoga exercises are helping to push and relax the muscles and maintain flexibility for back lumbar, and help to get rid of arthritis and improve physical status, blood and respiratory circulation and helps get rid of obesity.

Education, food and Health Assessment

Our sports helps to build the body, get rid of obesity and overweight by the specialists of nutrition and the educational program based on the guidelines for the proper habits in the choice of food varied.

Analysis of Body Fat and their Components

It is a method of analyzing the fat in the body and gives you a percentage, the rate of calories, the amount of water present in your body and the amount of your basic energy. And we will advise you to reach the desirable weight for your body.

Massage Therapy

This therapy removes the pain in the body, and treats each organ by knowing where the pain comes from and does a natural massage for the same muscle.

Sauna Rooms

During a sauna session, the heart rate is affected to increase by more than 50-75%, as the heat from the sauna it dilates blood vessels and leads to increased blood flow.

Health Benefits of Saunas:

1. Stimulate blood circulation as steam rooms make the blood vessels more flexible
2. Help to sweating as it is a natural mechanism to cleanse the body of toxins.
3. It strengthens the immune system.
4. Muscle pain relief where help reduce fat and reduce cellulite.
5. Improves sleep disorders.