Our Pharmacies serve all patients whether admitted or visiting one of our outpatient clinics. We work to promote safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of drug therapy to provide high quality services and improve patient compliance

Our service comprises the art, practice and profession of choosing, preparing, compounding and dispensing medications, advising healthcare professionals and patients on their safe and effective use

We have 5 inpatient pharmacies and 6 outpatient pharmacies located in 4 hospitals and 2 dispensaries

To provide high quality pharmaceutical services that fosters the efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness of drug use and promoting the pharmacy as an essential component of the healthcare team.


To achieve an optimal level  of medication management and patient care and to be the leaders in pharmaceutical services in the Gulf Region.

Inpatient Pharmacies:

  • Inpatient Pharmacies are open 24 hours
  • Inpatient pharmacies dispense medications to admitted patients over 24 hours
  • Supply all wards and departments with medications and IV fluids as required
  • Preparation of TPN for neonates and adults by qualified pharmacists
  • Preparation of Chemotherapy by well trained pharmacists by applying the necessary safety measures
  • Dispensing Narcotics and Controlled drugs according to MOH regulations
  • Dispensing of prescriptions to discharged patients
  • Dispensing of emergency room prescriptions during the non-operating hours of outpatient pharmacy
  • Providing patient counseling by giving the necessary information to patients regarding their medications

Inpatient Pharmacies:

  • Outpatient pharmacies are open 10 hours a day from 8:00H to 13:00H and from 16:00H to 21:00H Saturday to Thursday -- Khobar pharmacy open from 8:00H to 21:00H Saturday to Thursday.
  • Outpatient pharmacies dispensing medications to insurance and cash patients from outpatient clinics and emergency room
  • Providing patient counseling by giving the necessary information to patients regarding their medications and teaching them how to use their medications

Drug Information Center:

  • Drug Information Center provides accurate updated information about drugs to physicians, pharmacists and nurses to enhance the rational use of drugs and to optimize the drug therapy for patients and promote wellness
  • Provides the necessary information regarding poisoning management
  • Provides continuous education to all the healthcare team