Operating Rooms

AGH group is proud of owning the latest technology and global devices in the Middle East. The group is characterized by the design of the operating rooms according to the laws and policies of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health, the Joint Commission International (JCIA), and the central board for accreditation of healthcare institutions (CBAHI).

The Operating Rooms at AGH are Divided to Two Sections:

  • Minor Operating Rooms (Surgical Day Case):

    These rooms are for the small surgical procedures such as:

    • LASIK / Laser operations
    • Dental operations
    • Lithotripsy operations
    • Circumcision for newborn babies
    • Endoscopes
    • Removing the screws and slide operations
    • Removing the balloon operations
  • Major Operating Rooms:

    These rooms are for the big and complex surgical procedures such as:

    • All kinds of general surgery, such as open heart surgery and obesity operations (Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass)
    • Orthopedic and spine surgery