What are the Childbirth Education Classes?

The childbirth education classes Are practical and theoretical classes whose aim is to help you prepare for labor, childbirth and the first period of child rearing and care.

Preparedness classes often focus on labor and delivery as well as guidance on the late stages of pregnancy and what your life will be like with a newborn.

Your doctor will advise you to go to prenatal classes and breastfeeding workshops or lectures if you can. These sessions may help you to have a better birth experience and prepare you to adapt better in the first weeks after childbirth.

Why do I need to go to Prenatal Classes?

Although prenatal classes are not mandatory, they may help you focus on pregnancy, preparing for labor and giving birth to the right sport during pregnancy and what you need to do to facilitate delivery.

Childbirth education classes to give birth are a great opportunity to meet pregnant women like you will become mothers soon. Some classes are booked according to the expected time of delivery, so you will meet pregnant women who will often give birth to their babies soon after your baby is born.

What are the Topics Covered by Prenatal Classes?

We focus on physical and emotional preparation for labor and delivery, and offer other classes that are more varied for pregnant women and even their husbands sometimes.
Birth readiness courses usually cover the following topics:

  • The changes you exercise during pregnancy
  • How to be your labor and your birth without complications
  • Relaxation techniques and stress control
  • Conditions of labor and delivery
  • Massage skills and breathing techniques for labor
  • Options for painkillers, including ephedra syringe
  • Medical interventions, such as artificial imaging or monitoring your child -electronically
  • What to expect if your baby is born with a caesarean section
  • Physical, emotional and lifestyle changes you may have after your baby is born
  • Practical child care and breastfeeding
  • The right sport to facilitate birth and labor
  • Corrective exercise of the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles

The goal of all prenatal classes is to provide you with the skills and confidence in addition to preparing you to make birth a positive experience.

When Should I Book in Prenatal Classes?

Try to book early childbirth classes so know what is available to you early in the pregnancy and when you need to book.

The Physical Therapy for Women‘s Health Deals with the Following Programs:

  • Preparation for natural delivery Program (childbirth education)
  • Corrective sport program of pelvic muscles and correction of postpartum abdominal muscular separation (diastases recite)
  • Urinary incontinent cases
  • Cases of osteoporoses
  • Back and pelvis during pregnancy and postpartum
The program is provided in AGH Khobar by: Saneela Latif 8987000 ext. 2231