Nuclear Medicine Unit

Nuclear Medicine Unit at Almana General Hospital-Dammam is a leading center of Molecular imaging in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, equipped with the most modern imaging systems including State-of-Art Biograph mCT Flow Seimens PET/CT and most recent model of Symbia Intevo SPECT/CT gamma camera.

PET/CT Scanner

PET/CT Scanner at AGH “the latest diagnostic tool in the fight against cancer” is an ultrafast machine that provides high quality PET scan in a short time keeping patient comfortable. Using this machine, presence and spread of cancers in the body can be detected accurately. PET/CT may eliminate the need for other invasive procedures and by correctly staging and re-staging cancers may prevent unnecessary surgical procedures.


SPECT-CT Gamma Camera

SPECT-CT Gamma Camera at this department has recently been installed and has special features of IQ SPECT and Smart Zoom which enable it detect many diseases with accuracy and precision. Results of these scans help treating doctors to decide most suitable treatment for the patients.

All radiopharmaceuticals doses are prepared, handled and dealt with in a sterile laboratory and a hygienic environment. Moreover, Automated withdrawal and injection of radiopharmaceuticals is performed through well calibrated equipments along with predefined accurate settings to insure the highest level of radiation safety & protection to the medical staff and patients.

Medical procedures are carried out by a Specialized and Experienced Nuclear Medicine Medical Team with High Qualifications, and Specialty Certifications.


Imaging Services

  • FDG PET-CT Scans for Lymphoma, Breast Cancer, Gastro-intestinal Cancers, Lung Cancer, Sarcoma, Bone Cancers, Sarcoidosis
  • Bone scans: Whole Body, Dynamic, SPECT and SPECT-CT types of bone scans are performed for many bone disease
  • Kidney Scans: including DTPA, MAG-3 and DMSA scans for atrophic kidneys, renal transplant&PUJ obstruction.
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid Scans
  • Neuroendocrine Tumor scans including MIBG and Octreotide scans
  • Heart Scans: Gated MPI and Quantitative SPECT for ischemic heart disease, ejection fraction, first pass studies
  • Lung Scans: Ventilation and Perfusion scans for pulmonary embolism and lung surgery
  • Liver Scans: HIDA and Colloid scans for neonatal hepatitis, biliary obstruction
  • GIT Scans: for detection of gastro–esophageal reflux, Meckel’s diverticulum, gastrointestinal blood loss.
  • Sentinel Node Imaging scans
  • Infection Imaging: Gallium-67 scans, White Blood cell scans, Leukoscans. These scans are used for detection of hidden infections and bone infections
  • Miscellaneous: Scans for testicular torsion, brain tumor, CSF leaks, obstructed tear duct, etc.
  • Treatment and follow-up of patient with thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism and differentiated thyroid cancer.

The Nuclear Medicine Department

The Nuclear Medicine department is working hard to integrate new imaging tracers, modalities, and therapies as they become available to better serve the region’s patient population and keep the department at the leading edge of imaging practices.