Almana Hemodialysis Unit

Almana Hemodialysis unit at AGH, is one of the largest and most modern in the region, offers a complete therapeutical approach of the renal diseases. Operating inside the Clinic, it offers the advantage of coverage by all medical specialties on a 24-hour basis and the advantage of being supported by the Laboratories.

Mostly Hemodialysis units are located in the ER buildings.

Our Mission:

The hemodialysis unit is a specialized department with a capacity of 8 beds, which provides care to patients with acute conditions of kidney diseases.
The units are equipped with modern hemodialysis monitors. A specialized team of doctors, nurses, dietitians, social workers and other staff are available all time to provide high quality and continues of our patients’ physical, mental and emotional needs during their time with us.

Our Services:

  • Hemodialysis using modern artificial kidney (dialysis) machines.
  • Private treatment rooms equipped with amenities such as electric bed.
  • State of art hemodialysis machines such as (HDF).

HDF (HaemoDiaFiltration) Machine:

It is a brand new machine provided at AGH. The machine works as a membrane to filter the large toxin molecules from the blood and the faster water flow draws more of the water from the blood, removing even more toxins.

Working Hours:

  • From (5am - 8pm) | (Saturday - Thursday)
  • Friday: Closed.