Almana Hair Transplant Unit

The Hair Transplant Unit at Almana hospitals is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of hair care and hair loss but also to its surgical restoration in men and women. 

Characteristic feature of the group of doctors of the clinic is the know-how of surgical hair restoration, the sincere assessment of the options available to face the problem that a patient has, and the high aesthetic perception in the performance of hair transplantation. In our Unit the transplant is performed by specialized Doctors and only in the presence of all the specialties (Dermatologic Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Nurses) that are necessary in such a technically difficult operation for it to be painless and successful.

Our expectation is to offer high quality, effective and permanent solutions against hair loss.

Will My Transplanted Hair Look Like My Normal Hair?

Yes, at our Unit we use the most skilful doctors to ensure your hair transplant looks as natural as possible. When we transplant your donor hair into the recipient area we place each graft at an angle that mimics natural hair growth. As the hair we transplant is from your head once it starts to grow it will blend in naturally with the rest of your hair and will be almost unidentifiable.

Will I Leave with a Full Head of Hair?

Leaving the clinic with a full head of hair straight away would be an absolute dream. Sadly the hair transplant procedure still requires a little bit of time and you’ll need to be patient. Once the hair has been transplanted you will need to allow time for the follicles to grow, this will be just like waiting for your normal hair to grow. You will gradually notice a change in your hair growing and after 2-4 months you’ll see your new, full head of hair.

Will My New hair Fall Out?

Once you’ve had your hair transplant it is normal for your hair to shed. You might notice some hair loss from the transplanted areas a few weeks after your treatment. This is a normal part of the hair transplant process and is nothing to worry about. After your hair has had an initial shedding it will grow back strong and healthy and remain in place.

Will I Feel Pain During and After the Transplant?

Not necessarily. There is an element of discomfort in any surgical procedure even if it is just the prick you feel when the anaesthetic is administered. Most patients at our Unit experience no great discomfort or pain while the procedure is carried out or in the days afterwards.

How Much Time do I need to Take Off Work?

We recommend a week. Almost all patients are treated in a single day - arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon with the transplant completed.

Will I Need More than One Hair Transplant?

A single hair transplant is suffiicent for most patients unless they have fairly advanced pattern baldness.