Almana Cosmo Derma Unit:

Almana Cosmo Derma Unit is managed by dedicated doctors and medical staff. It is equipped with the latest laser machines such as Diode & Alexandrite laser; Pulse-dye (Vascular) laser; Erbium-Yag CO2 &CO3 lasers and ND: Yag Q-switched laser machines, and recently affirm laser machine and Fractional Erbium machine.

Scope of Services:

We Provide Marked Improvement and Removal through Laser of the following:

  • Laser assisted hair removal
  • Birthmarks (red, brown and black)
  • Phototherapy and Excimer laser for: Vitiligo, Psoriasis and Atopic dermatitis
  • Telangiectasia and superficial leg veins
  • Tattoos (all colours)
  • Burn scars and Keloids
  • Post-acne and chickenpox scars
  • Warts and benign skin conditions
  • Vascular lesions removal
  • Full-face resurfacingFreckles and brown spots

Advanced Cosmetic Treatment at AGH, Khobar:

  • Wrinkles and photo ageing
  • Stretch marks
  • All types of liposuction and reinjection under local anaesthesia
  • Fillers and botolinum toxins injection
  • Hyperpigmentation around eyes
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • All types of peeling (chemical, mechanical & lasers)
  • Mechanical removal of white facial hair
  • Vitiligo surgery
  • Mesotherapy

Hair Analysis and Transplantation:

  • Compute-Hair: A computerized hair-analysis machine which performs a thorough test on your hair and scalp conditions
  • Hair care and hair loss treatment

Venereology and Andrology:

  • Diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Male fertility problems
  • Erectile Dysfunction

Plastic Surgery:

Plastic Surgery can be divided into two categories:

  • Reconstructive
  • Cosmetic or Aesthetic

Reconstructive Procedures:

Are operations performed aiming to restore different areas of the body that have been affected by injury eg trauma, burns, general or local pathological diseases, congenital malformations and post surgical sequences or defects. The surgeries attempt to restore the appearance and function of abnormal body parts.

Cosmetic or Aesthetic Procedures:

Are procedures performed purely to enhance or improve the appearance and possibly the function of normally functioning parts of the body.
The following Services are Available:

  • Cosmetic/aesthetic surgeries (skin, face, nose, ears, lips and abdomen)
  • Lifting ( traditional and by subdermal stitches to face, abdomen, limbs)
  • Liposuction, lopoinjection
  • Breast augmentation (female), chest reduction (females, males)
  • Post-burns/ trauma, corrective reconstructive surgeries.