Nursing Department

The Nursing Services Department is in existence to provide “Quality and Safe Nursing Care” to our patients. Nurses execute and work with guiding principles and belief in congruence with the organization’s mission and vision.


We the department of Nursing act as advocate with competency and compassion for all patients and significant others who are under the care of Almana General Hospitals.


To be the leading Nursing Care provider in the region.

Core values

  • Assertiveness: Act confidently with honesty and sincerity.
  • Commitment: Entrusting ourselves to responsibilities towards clients and the organization.
  • Surgical endodontic treatment.
  • Respect: Express our respect for hospital staff, patients and family through the recognition and understanding of their needs.
  • Team Work: Work together to achieve our goals.


  • To give the best care to our patients by maintaining the standards and quality of care.
  • All nursing units will work together as a team and cooperate with other departments to further the mission and attain the vision of the organization.
  • To maintain a good professional relationship with other members of the health team and support services.


  • To ensure that a safe nursing care is rendered to all the clients.
  • To make sure that a safe working environment is provided to all the staffs.
  • To evaluate all nursing performance in a manner that produces growth and upgrade nursing standards.
  • To administer care in accordance with the Policies and Procedures, Ministry of Health/Joint Commission International/Central Board of Accreditation for Heath Care Institutions standards in a cost effective manner.
  • To enhance professional growth and development through continuing Nursing Education.
  • To participate and support the Quality Improvement (QI) program through education and continues monitoring by conducting surveys and follow-up.

The so called back bone of the hospital, comprised of approximately 35 % of the total population of Almana General Hospitals,working (8) eight hours a daysix days in a week. For in-patient care areas nursing staffs work on three shifts covering 24- hours seven days in a week.

Under the umbrella of the Nursing Director are the Registered Nurses, Emergency Medical Specialists, Aides in a multinational environment & experts.

Registered Nurses are categorized into Nursing Leaders and Staff Nurses. The Nursing Leaders are the Deputy Nursing Director,Nursing Supervisors, Nursing QI Coordinator/Officer, Nursing Education Coordinator/Educators, Aramco Liaison Nurseto include Patient Educators: Diabetic Educators. Pain Management Nurses, Wound Management Nurses and Lactation Nurses. Nursing Leaders are functioning according to their Job Description guiding /directing, supervising, coordinating/ evaluating patient care activities of all Nursing Staffs supported by the Patient/Family advocate Supervisor who continuously monitoring, finding solutions to patient complaints encountered by nursing staffs in coordination with the Social Services department.

In each patient care units both Outpatient and In- patientareas, team of nurses are assigned to care for patients under the leadership of the Head Nurse,Shift In charges, Staff Nurses (Clinical Resource Nurse, QI Facilitator, Infection Control Facilitator, Unit safety Officer) and Aideunder the supervision of a Nursing Supervisor.Coordinated effort is observed for a safe patient care among the other health care workers and support services.

With the rapid technology change, complex patient care demands and competitors’ strategies to attract clients, nurses are challenged. With their qualification, skill experience, competency and their commitments, they work with varied roles and constantly in communication with the patient and family involving them with their care process, giving health teaching to attain their optimal health. Caring, counseling, teaching, referring and implementing prescribed treatment in the prevention and management of illness are the summary of activities of the Nursing Services.

Nursing Education team plays an important role in developing the knowledge, skill and competency of the Nursing Staffs .Upon joining the Nursing Services Department. Orientation.

(mandatory, departmental and job specific orientation) is conducted to the staff which starts from day 1 to 90 days while competency/performance is being monitored and evaluated. Molding the staffs for an excellent care provider, a continuous Nursing education is in place through lectures/ workshops, courses, trainings, andupdates. Because nurses are integral to hospitalized patient care Nursing QI (NQI) in collaboration with the QI Department and other Nursing Leaders/ Nursing Supervisors headed by the Nursing Director, structures the work setting to facilitate the staff nurse’s ability to undertake constructive action for improving care. NQI participates in reshaping the health care environment.

The Nursing Services operating with the complete work force, working together in collaboration with otherdepartments in meeting the needsof every staff and our Patient’s (internal and external) health needs in accordance with the laws and regulations of the government/MOH with regulatory standards : local and international adhering to the organization and departmental Policies and Procedures.