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Almana Group of Hospitals

has recently opened its latest branches. Almana Medical Center in Al-Raka District, Al Khobar, it is a 5-floors building built to the highest medical engineering standards. It includes more than 75 clinics in various medical specialties. which consideredThe largest digital medical center in the Eastern Province where all transactions pass digitally from entry to departure.

Almana Medical Center , Rakkah 

includes Diabetes and endocrine diseases Unit which is the largest of its kind in the region. The unit includes many specialized doctors in diabetes, endocrine diseases, nutrition, etc., as well as the presence of Dermatology and Cosmetic clinics, which includes the latest and best equipments.

Almana Group of Hospitals

seeks to establish a unique and distinguished medical facility to provide all medical and therapeutic services to visitors, and to be close to their residences through diversity in cities and governorates in order to share public health culture and provide treatment services in a decent and distinctive manner. Which has been offered by AGH or more than Seventy years.