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Almana General Hospital, Jubail

is 100 beds tertiary general hospital well design and equipped to serve the working force and residents of Jubail Industrial City, including surrounding cities. Our hospital is strategically situated within the Industrial City of Jubail wherein the accessibility is within reach.

AGH Management while designing the facility gave close attention to make this medical facility capable enough to confidently tackle the industrial traumas and accidents. Dealing with all kinds of emergencies, including RTAs, industrial accidents, chemical poisoning, industrial gas explosions, etc.

At our, AGH-Jubail, hospital we perform basic neurosurgical procedures that involve spinal & head injuries, all general surgical procedures, medical endoscopic diagnostic procedures, and orthopedic interventions including total knee replacement. Each department has its own scope of service that details all its activities. We are applying the advanced modern technological methods and procedures, combined with our core values of care and compassion. AGH-Jubail is also JCI accredited operating under international standards of medical care.