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Almana General Hospital, Hofuf

is a Private Hospital dedicated to providing compassionate, superior, primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services of all medical specialties. Care is offered in a financially viable manner to all age groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and more specifically, Al-Ahsadistrict and surrounding community. 

It was officially opened in June 2001. Its bed capacity at the time was fifty (50) and there were twelve (12) outpatient clinics. Soon, it was apparent that the healthcare needs and demands of our population far exceeded our capacity. Almost immediately, a detailed expansion plan was commenced. The main aim of this plan was to provide more inpatient and outpatient facilities to help meet the growing needs in the area of Al-AhsaDistrict.

Therefore, by the end of 2006, Almana General Hospital, Hofuf facilities had grown to one hundred (100) inpatient beds and sixty (60) outpatient clinics. In 2007 the health needs of our population encouraged us to continue our plan of increasing our bed capacity to 200 beds.

Nowadays AGH Hofuf has total bed capacity of two hundred (200) beds, and (68) Outpatient clinics.