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The Hospital Building in Dammam

was acquired in the early ‘90s. Since then, it has offered services to inpatient and outpatient in all the major specialties recently it has gone through many renovations and a huge expansion plan is in execution which will lead it region’s best healthcare facility. It is an ongoing effort of providing quality healthcare services to community as per the long heritage of AGH. Almana General Hospital Dammam is also JCI accredited. Almana General Hospital Dammam is a tertiary hospital known for its excellent services as well as being popular for and recognized as a referral facility for:

  • Almana Elite Care - Luxury Suits
  • Step-down Units
  • Kidney Center – Hemodialysis
  • Cardiac Catheterization
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Assisted Fertility (IVF)
  • Inpatient Psychiatry Care (The only Private Hospital Secure Unit, Regionally)

We possess one of the busiest Outpatient Departments in Dammam. The local people know the caliber of our trusted Doctors over the years and have established confidence in the services provided. Our goal is to deliver the best services at affordable prices on an equal basis to everyone who comes through our doors. The inpatient departments offer Suite Rooms, Private and Semi – Private Rooms. 

In-Patient rooms: 250+
OPD Clinics: 60

These facilities will soon increase when we complete phase one of our extension plan. AGH, Dammam is extending. A new building is in progress and should be completes in about a year. This will increase our bed capacity around 200 or more beds additional to existing capacity. 
A state-of-the-art Cardiothoracic Operating Room, ultra sterile, is available along with operating theatres for Neurosurgery, Advanced Orthopedics, General Surgery and all subspecialties. There is a continuous renovating program in place. Many of the inpatient departments have already been upgraded and this renovation schedule will continue throughout the hospital.